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I balance out between the various roles of mine as a sculptor as well as a mother, wife and teacher.
The roles are purely related to who I am on personal level, but the diversity of them endow me valuable source of common experience on social level.

People, family and everyday life have been the area of my interest.
 is the main medium of my art.
My memory and inspiration always spring from my family and it is expressed in my works.
What I desire and hope to be are found in the family.
I project, translate this into my works.


Selected Solo Exhibitions

2011 Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fairl
          (Hotel Oriental Mandarin, Hong Kong)

          Gallery Seoul 11 RAUM (Seoul)

          Sungshin Unjeon Inaugural Exhibition
          (Sungshin Unjeonggwan, Seoul)

          International Sculpture Fiesta 2011
          (Seoul Arts Center, Seoul)

          Fund-Raising for 2011 Japan

          Tohoku Earthquake Destruction
          (Gallery Woorim, Seoul)

          Happy Together – Invitation of Our Family
          (Yeongdeungpo, Lotte Department Store)

          Art Festival of Little Painting 2011 (Seoul)

2010 Exchange Exhibition for National

          Contemporary Art, Beijing, China

2009 KCAF, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul

          Nowon Culture Art Center, Seoul

          N Gallery, Bundang

2008 Gallery SUN, Seoul

          Gallery Songadang, Seoul

2007 KEPCO Plaza Gallery, Seoul

          Arbazaar Gallery, Busan

          Song Hwadang, Deagu

2006 Gallery La Mer, Seoul

          Yongin Art EXPO, Yongin, Kyunggi

2005 Solo exhibition, Osaka, Japan

2004 MANIF, Seoul Arts Centter, Seoul

2003 Window Gallery, Gallery Hyundai, Seoul

2002 MANIF, Seoul Arts Centter, Seoul

1999 MANIF, Seoul Arts Centter, Seoul

1997 Gongpyeong Gallery, Seoul Art Center, Seoul


2010 Doctorate Program, College of Fine Arts, Hongik University

1997 M.F.A, Department of Scuplture, Sungshin Women’s University

1995 B.R.A, Department of Sculpture, Sungshin Women’s University


1996 Grand prix, the 7th Korea Figurative Sculpture

           Art Festival, Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation

Selected Group Exhibitions

2011 Gallery Seoul 11, Raum, Seoul

          AHAF, Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong, China

2010 Contemporary Sculptures, Millennium
          Hilton, Seoul

          Analog Forest, Seoul Museum of Art

          Hantan River Hyundai Outdoor Exhibition, Paju

          Delicious Vacation, Jangheung Art Park, Red Space

          Chung Art Gallery

          Fun & Fantasy, Gwangmyeong, Speedom

          Sejong Center for the Performing Art

          Sense of Humor, Daejeon Museum of Art, Daejoen

          Seo Jeong Wook Gallery

          Daecheong Ho Art Museum

          Gallery Woolim

          Lotte Gallery, Daejeon

2009 Dae Myung Vivaldi Park Resort, Gallery Viva

          My Story, Gallery Zandari

          The k Gallery

          Gimhae Arts and Sports Center

          Seongnam Citizen Hall

          Exhibition of Goyang Sculptors Association,

          Ilsan Lake Park

          Imjingak Pyenghoa Nuri

          Gallery Royal

          Ulsan Hyundai Arts Center


National Museum of Contemporary Art,

MBC Broadcasting Station,

Ulsan Hyundai Art Center,

Chuncheon MBC Broadcasting Station,

Hotel Walker Hill,

Suwon Worldcup Sculpture Park,

Jeju Shine Hill Resort, Taean-gun Office,

Daejeon Daegyo Building,

KT&G Daechi-dong Building, Samsung-dong K Tower